Image of Valstrom 6: The Man Issue

Valstrom 6: The Man Issue


Valstrom is an independent fashion magazine based in Clerkenwell in London. Valstrom is borne out of a shared vision to create something that is different in its approach and visual style. It is about the fashion industry and the people who work in it; stylists, designers, agents, models, hairstylists, make up artists, retailers and brands, established and emerging. The theme of this issue is Man.

Interviews include Martin Franklin of Foxhall,model agent John Bruce of PRM, stylist and editor Frank Strachan, and hairdresser Roy Hayward. Cover model is Tom Coysman.

Issue 2 is 210 x 280mm, 60 pages, printed on uncoated 110gsm paper in full colour colour. Limited edition numbered copies. Secure payment via Paypal only.